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OpenAI text chunking needs a span-king.

In order to get accurate ChatGPT answers it's crucial to have spans of text that respect the context of the original document.
Current OpenAI text chunking services split the text based only on punctuation marks every 200 words.
Pigro provides AI-based text chunking services that split content like a human would, considering:
  • the look and structure of the document, such as pagination, headings, tables, lists, images, etc.
  • the semantics of the text, keeping related sentences together and splitting where needed
Our API natively supports Office-like documents, PDF, HTML, and plain text in many languages.

Best-in-class accuracy with generative indexing.

Best-in-class accuracy with generative indexing.

Pigro delivers only the most relevant spans of text that answer the query.
Our generative AI expands each of your content: we generate all possible questions answered within your document.
Our search uses keywords and semantics, considering the title, body, and generated questions.
This approach combined with a meaningful text chunking technique assures a 10% increased accuracy compared to other solutions available on the market.


Search result filtering with file and resource access permissions.

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